Parkview is the top performing Title 1 school in Salt Lake City

Yes we did it!!!

Message from Mrs. Bergera

Dear Parkview Parents,

Parkview Families,

Please note that ALL applications for afterschool programs are ONLINE only. The system will let you begin applying at 12:01 AM on Tuesday, August 8th 2017. Here is the flyer.

Other important dates for the upcoming 2017/18 school year.

Registration will be August 7th  and 8th  from 8am until 5pm. Letters with registration information will be sent out near the end of July for returning students. Any new kindergarteners will be tested academically when the parents come to register them. ONLINE REGISTRATION.

School pictures Sept 14th

Retake pictures Oct. 26th

Parkview Calendar for 2017-18 School Year

Pre-k registration 2017-2018

Do you need to register a student for Pre-K next year? Early registration begins May 4 & 5 from 9am to 6pm. Registration starts May 8 from 8am to 4:30pm until classes are full. You can register at Glendale-Mountain View Community Learning Center (1388 S Navajo Street SLC, UT 84104). You need photo ID, child’s birth certificate, immunization record, and proof of address.

-Mrs. Bergera & Mr. Yates

Math Hoops Tournament

The 5th grade students attended the Math Hoops Tournament on April 5, 2017, at Vivint Smart Home arena. The students have been playing Math Hoops,  a fun way to practice their math facts, all year.  The teams from Parkview competed against teams of students from 5-8th grade from other schools.  The students were nervous at first but had a great time showing off their math skills.  Please enjoy the Photo Gallery!

5th Grade studying Bio Eyes

This week the 5th grade had the opportunity to participate in the Bio Eyes Program. We had a scientist come from the University of Utah and helped guide us through an experiment with zebra fish. We learned that zebra fish live in tropical waters. We did an experiment where we watched the fish embryos grow at 75 degree water and 87 degree water. We saw that the fish developed faster in the 87 degree water than the 75 degree water. The students had a blast and learned a lot. "It was fun because we were able to watch a fish transfer into life and watch an embryo go through the stages"- Tu'ui.  

Please enjoy the Photo Gallery!

Parkview Elementary Newsletters


Did you know that we publish a newsletter every week about the school, and post copies of it right here on the website? Click here to find the most recent newsletter. It’s full of good stuff like a message from the Principal, Up coming events, and information about our teachers. 

ELP students Mythology display in the Library

4th grade ELP students have a display in the library following the Mythology museum presented to the school Wed. Feb 15. ELP students have studied  mythology as a group and then pursued an individual research project on a character in mythological history. Students did research and provided jot notes in a display form with a model created from their research. While designing their model students had to use text evidence for accuracy. Culminating their display was a piece of persuasive writing about the historical importance of their chosen character. Students used creativity in creating their displays and were excited to be the museum curators telling about their research to fellow students! There was much excitement in the air!

Check the photo gallery on our Facebook page! 


Visit from the Police Department

Visit and books from the Salt Lake City Police Department

The SLCPD came to visit Parkview on Tuesday December 20. During their visit they read to the Pre-K students and all the Kindergartners. Each Kindergarten student took home two books of their choice.

Thank you for the books, SLCPD!


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First grade students got to experience This Is the Place Heritage Park

On Thursday, October 6th the first grade students at Parkview got to experience This Is the Place Heritage Park!  We saw what it would have been like to live around 1850.  We tried some of the chores children would have done during that time, including milking a cow, beating a rug, and hanging up the laundry to dry.  We also learned about the process of turning wool from a sheep into yarn to be used to make clothing.  As we rode a train around the village, we saw the monument placed where Brigham Young decided that this would be a good place for people to call home.

First grade

Parkview is building college awareness

“Growl Bengals, Growl!” In an effort to get our kids excited about going to college, Ms. Miller’s 3rd grade class reached out to Idaho State University to let them know we are supporting and representing them at Parkview.  Her class received an enthusiastic response from the College of Education! They were pleased to hear her class’s goals for being college ready and were kind enough to send some “ISU swag”. They sent a care package full of fun stuff, like t-shirts, sunglasses, stickers, a Benny the Bengal balloon (their mascot), and more.

            This year at Parkview, Thursdays have been dedicated to wearing college swag to show support for various colleges. Ms. Miller’s class was excited to show off their swag to the rest of the school last Thursday! They wore their ISU t-shirts and sunglasses all day!  Ms. Miller’s class is working hard to be college ready so they can go to a school like ISU.

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