Parent University September 15 from 8:30 - 11:30

Parent University: Elementary Edition (preK-6)

September 15, 2018 8:30-11:30 AM

Glendale Middle School 1430 Andrew Ave.

Join us for an opportunity to talk about different ways to support your children in elementary school. Choose from sessions that include:

  • Choosing the right book for your child's reading level
  • Thinking like a scientist everyday
  • Making reading homework fun and effective
  • Using Eureka math resources at home
  •  Activities to support your child before Kindergarten

We will also have support available to sign up for PowerSchool and School Messenger and connect your accounts if you have more than one student.
Space is limited. Please confirm your attendance with the Front Office or using the link in Social Media.


Please let us know here in the office that you are interested so we can let the district know.

Universidad de Padres 15 de septiembre

Universidad de Padres: Edición de Primaria (prekínder-6)

15 de septiembre, 2018 8:30-11:30 AM
La Escuela Intermedia Glendale 1430 Andrew Ave.

Acompáñenos en una oportunidad de hablar sobre las diferentes maneras de apoyar a sus hijos en la primaria. Escojan de las sesiones que incluyen:

  • Escoger el libro correcto de nivel apropiado para su hijo
  • Pensar como un científico cada día
  • Hacer divertidas y efectivas las tareas de lectura
  • Usar los recursos de Eureka math en casa
  • Actividades para apoyar a su hijo antes de comenzar el Kínder

También ofrecemos ayuda en registrarse en PowerSchool y School Messenger y para conectar las cuentas si tiene más que un estudiante.
Por favor confirme su asistencia en la Oficina Principal o con el enlace de Medias Sociales.

Food Bank Truck

This year we are excited to partner with the Salt Lake Food Bank and have a family distribution once a month. The food bank will be here the 2nd full week of the month on Thursday from 2:15 to 3:15 or until the food runs out., The truck will be located inside the gates under the basketball hoops. All families, Pre-K through 5th are welcome to come. Bags will be provided to help carry food home. Please return the bags to school so we can use them again the next month. If they do not return, we will not beb able to send them home in future months.

Sponsor, Smiths-6/8 Vol


Distribution is from 2:15 pm - 3:15 pm or till supplies are gone

2nd full week of each month on Thursday, see dates below:























Out for summer


Out for summer


Out for summer



Dates may be subject to change and deliveries may be canceled in cases of extreme circumstances.

Word of the Month

Each month we will highlight a character education word for the month to support the lessons being taught by the school counselor. September’s word of the month is: By-stander. 

A by-stander is someone who sees bullying happen and can make a positive change. If you see bullying on the playground remember you can make a difference by telling a trusted adult or standing up for your friends using firm but appropriate language. An example would be, "Please stop, we want our school to be a kind place."

Ask your son or daughter about the word of the month and to use it in a sentence for you.

LAND trust funds used for Science

Parkview Elementary in Salt Lake School District hired a part time science teacher, Ms. Gummow! She focuses on hands on science instruction, note taking, literacy skills, Informational text and writing about science using the C.E.R framework (Claim, Evidence, Reasons). #SITLAfunds18 

Land trust

Parkview is the top performing Title 1 school in Salt Lake City

Yes we did it!!!

Discover Processing Services visit to our school

We were so excited to have Discover Processing Services visit our school. Discover has been a valuable asset to the Parkview community. They have donated holiday trees from the Festival of Trees and included gifts to Parkview families. This Wednesday they were able to come and hand out Thanksgiving meals to 34 Parkview families.  Thank you so much Discover Processing Services for your generosity and support of the Parkview community. Visit the full gallery!

Discover Processing Services

5th Grade studying Bio Eyes

This week the 5th grade had the opportunity to participate in the Bio Eyes Program. We had a scientist come from the University of Utah and helped guide us through an experiment with zebra fish. We learned that zebra fish live in tropical waters. We did an experiment where we watched the fish embryos grow at 75 degree water and 87 degree water. We saw that the fish developed faster in the 87 degree water than the 75 degree water. The students had a blast and learned a lot. "It was fun because we were able to watch a fish transfer into life and watch an embryo go through the stages"- Tu'ui.  

Please enjoy the Photo Gallery!

Parkview Elementary Newsletters


Did you know that we publish a newsletter every week about the school, and post copies of it right here on the website? Click here to find the most recent newsletter. It’s full of good stuff like a message from the Principal, Up coming events, and information about our teachers. 

Visit from the Police Department

Visit and books from the Salt Lake City Police Department

The SLCPD came to visit Parkview on Tuesday December 20. During their visit they read to the Pre-K students and all the Kindergartners. Each Kindergarten student took home two books of their choice.

Thank you for the books, SLCPD!


To visit full gallery click here.

Parkview is building college awareness

“Growl Bengals, Growl!” In an effort to get our kids excited about going to college, Ms. Miller’s 3rd grade class reached out to Idaho State University to let them know we are supporting and representing them at Parkview.  Her class received an enthusiastic response from the College of Education! They were pleased to hear her class’s goals for being college ready and were kind enough to send some “ISU swag”. They sent a care package full of fun stuff, like t-shirts, sunglasses, stickers, a Benny the Bengal balloon (their mascot), and more.

            This year at Parkview, Thursdays have been dedicated to wearing college swag to show support for various colleges. Ms. Miller’s class was excited to show off their swag to the rest of the school last Thursday! They wore their ISU t-shirts and sunglasses all day!  Ms. Miller’s class is working hard to be college ready so they can go to a school like ISU.

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