Message from Mrs. Bergera

Parkview Families,

During the next few months Parkview students will be participating in many different assessments.  Please make sure that your children are in school to help us avoid having to do additional testing sessions.  We appreciate your support and concern for your child’s attendance. Please let us know if there is something we can do to assist you or your child.

As a reminder, if your children are arriving at school more than 15 minutes late you will need to sing them in at the office.  This is a safety procedure to make sure that all students arrive at school safely and are accounted for.

Mrs. Bergera & Mr. Yates

Visit from the Police Department

Visit and books from the Salt Lake City Police Department

The SLCPD came to visit Parkview on Tuesday December 20. During their visit they read to the Pre-K students and all the Kindergartners. Each Kindergarten student took home two books of their choice.

Thank you for the books, SLCPD!


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First grade students got to experience This Is the Place Heritage Park

On Thursday, October 6th the first grade students at Parkview got to experience This Is the Place Heritage Park!  We saw what it would have been like to live around 1850.  We tried some of the chores children would have done during that time, including milking a cow, beating a rug, and hanging up the laundry to dry.  We also learned about the process of turning wool from a sheep into yarn to be used to make clothing.  As we rode a train around the village, we saw the monument placed where Brigham Young decided that this would be a good place for people to call home.

First grade

Fourth grade Field Trip

This week the 4th grade classes were able to go to Silver Lake. We have been learning about forests and wetlands in Science so this was a great opportunity for the students to put into practice what we've learned. The students noticed that Big Cottonwood Canyon has a mixed forest of both deciduous and coniferous trees through the canyon. At the top of the mountain it was mostly coniferous trees. We were able to see some animals common to forests and wetlands including a family of four deer crossing the road! We saw squirrels, ducks, and bugs by the wetland. We looked at the water and did different tests to find that Silver Lake is very clear. We discussed the adaptations of the plants and animals that live around the lake. We also observed the weather and the day we went we saw stratus clouds, used an anemometer to find that the wind was blowing about 2 mph, the temperature was around 52 degrees, and the elevation of Silver Lake is 8,410 feet. We enjoyed lunch around the lake. After lunch we did an activity looking at maps to see what amphibians and reptiles would live around Silver Lake. We are proud of our students for their awesome behavior and showing others how Parkview students are safe, respectful and responsible even outside of school!4th grade

Parkview is building college awareness

“Growl Bengals, Growl!” In an effort to get our kids excited about going to college, Ms. Miller’s 3rd grade class reached out to Idaho State University to let them know we are supporting and representing them at Parkview.  Her class received an enthusiastic response from the College of Education! They were pleased to hear her class’s goals for being college ready and were kind enough to send some “ISU swag”. They sent a care package full of fun stuff, like t-shirts, sunglasses, stickers, a Benny the Bengal balloon (their mascot), and more.

            This year at Parkview, Thursdays have been dedicated to wearing college swag to show support for various colleges. Ms. Miller’s class was excited to show off their swag to the rest of the school last Thursday! They wore their ISU t-shirts and sunglasses all day!  Ms. Miller’s class is working hard to be college ready so they can go to a school like ISU.

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