School Community Council (SCC)


Please come and join our School Community Council. Let’s make informed decisions about our children’s future. Welcome flyers and SCC Candidate forms are listed on the right side of the webpage.


We meet monthly in the Media Center during the school year. The meeting schedule is listed below. 

Oct. 25 8:15 AM   Next meeting we will be discussing AVID and what it means to be an AVID elementary school.  We will also go over the responsibilities of the SCC.

Dec. 6

Jan. 10

Feb. 14

Mar 14

April 11


SCC Board Members

 Ines Lazalde– SCC Chair

Ana Cortez-SCC Vice Chair, School Employee

Maria Benitez Gomez– Parent Member

Rosa Gonzalez - Parent Member


Estela Sanchez - Parent Member

Nidia Carrasco – Parent Member

Valerie Shaw – Principal

Kaleb Yates– Assistant Principal

Scoshi Cahoon - SLTA Representative, School Employee


Land Trust Information

Land Trust Report

Each year we receive money from the state trustlands.  Last year our trustlands money paid for a part time science teacher.  The science teacher, Miss Gummow, conducts hands on science experiments with students in fourth and fifth grades each week.  The students are excited about science.   They have enjoyed the opportunity to learn about science through inquiry and exploration.  Our science scores at Parkview have increased dramatically over the past four years from 25% of our students scoring proficient in 2014 to 50% of our students scoring proficient in 2017.  In the past two years since we started using our trustlands money for hands on science, our scores increased 19%.  We have found something that works and is helping our students better understand the science curriculum and standards.  Parkview is continuing to pay for a science teacher since the test results show that it is working.  


Land Trust Report Information

Shared Governance Guide (Click here for documents)



School Community Council Meetings 2018 - 2019

We do not have any scheduled meetings for this year yet. Please check back soon.

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