Faculty & Staff


Position Name Email Ext.
Principal Valerie Shaw valerie.shaw@slcschools.org x100
Asst. Principal Jessica Vidal jessica.vidal@slcschools.org x100


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Position Name/Web Page Email Disclosure Documents Daily Schedules
Pre-School   Rm. 68
Kindergarten Jessica Furman jessica.furman@slcschools.org English Spanish Rm. 73
  Nieves Moreno nieves.moreno@slcschools.org English Spanish Rm. 74
  Carolyn Flandro carolyn.flandro@slcschools.org English Spanish Rm. 42
First Grade Lauryn Snow lauryn.snow@slcschools.org English Spanish Rm. 46
  Maria Camarena maria.camarena@slcschools.org English Spanish Rm. 47
  Anne Greene anne.greene@slcschools.org English Spanish Rm. 48
Second Grade Heather Parrish heather.parrish@slcschools.org English Spanish Rm. 43
  Brittany Bradford brittany.bradford@slcschools.org English Spanish Rm. 44
  Kimberly Sevy kimberly.sevy@slcschools.org English Spanish Rm. 45
Third Grade Rebecca Mitchell rebecca.mitchell@slcschools.org English Spanish Rm. 28

Carrie Steadman

carrie.steadman@slcschools.org English Spanish Rm. 29
  Shari Gummow shari.gummow@slcschools.org English Spanish Rm. 30
  Carolyn Wardle carolyn.wardle@slcschools.org English Spanish Rm. 31
Fourth Grade Alyson Miller alyson.miller@slcschools.org English Spanish Rm. 20
  Nikki Malcolm christina.malcolm@slcschools.org English Spanish Rm. 21
  Lou Smedsrud lou.smedsrud@slcschools.org English Spanish Rm. 22
Fifth Grade Shirley Sharp shirley.sharp@slcschools.org English Spanish Rm. 23
  L.E. Holister laura.hollister@slcschools.org English Spanish Rm. 32
  Letizia Wolfgramm letizia.wolfgramm@slcschools.org English Spanish Rm. 33
Special Education Stephanie Roghaar stephanie.roghaar@slcschools.org English Spanish Rm. 71
  Michael Farrell michael.farrell@slcschools.org English Spanish Rm. 19
  Tyce Liston tyce.liston@slcschools.org English Spanish Rm. 15
Resource Scoshi Cahoon scoshi.cahoon@slcschools.org English Spanish Rm. 49
  Cathy Tansimore cathy.tansimore@slcschools.org English Spanish Rm. 59
Library Technology Emina Ceribasic emina.ceribasic@slcschools.org English Spanish Library
E.L.P. Kathy Gilmour kathy.gilmour@slcschools.org English Spanish Rm 37
Music Teacher David Asman david.asman@slcschools.org    
Computer Lab Paul Johnson paul.johnson@slcschools.org   Rm. 14
Speech Audrey Hanford audrey.hanford@slcschools.org   Rm. 41
Pre-School Speech Collette Richards collette.richards@slcschools.org   Rm. 68
Literacy Coach Kristi Aoyagi kristi.aoyagi@slcschools.org   Rm. 25
Math Coach Carrie Ziegler carrie.ziegler@slcschools.org   Rm. 13
Science Coach Julianne Paul julianne.paul@slcschools.org   Rm. 39
PAR Coach Pat Draper pat.draper@slcschools.org    
Dance Teacher Camille Haroldsen camille.haroldsen@slcschools.org   Rm. 35

Support Staff

Position Name Email Ext.
Secretary Colleen McKnight colleen.mcknight@slcschools.org x100
Receptionist Bernadina Perez bernadina.perez@slcschools.org x101
Social Worker Mary Jane Moore maryjane.moore@slcschools.org x102
Volunteer Coordinator Michelle Ortega michelle.ortega@slcschools.org x106
After School Coordinator Natalie Castro Rosa natalie.castrorosa@slcschools.org x141
Head Custodian Wesley Thomas wesley.thomas@slcschools.org x162
Kitchen Holly Silva holly.silva@slcschools.org x154