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Character & Civic Education

Amazing April

We know things are a bit different right now for our students and students across Utah. To give students a fun and engaging activity every day and to help keep students socially connected, our Superintendent, Dr. Lexi Cunningham, has created AMAZING APRIL!

Using the hashtag #utahschoolspirit, post a picture and tag your school/district on Twitter or Instagram based on each day's theme.


Fun Holiday

Something to post


April Fool’s Day

Share your favorite joke.  Make us laugh.


International Children’s Book Day

What is your favorite children’s book?  Post the title or a picture of the book.


Find a Rainbow Day

Post a picture of you wearing all the colors of a rainbow!


Play Outside Day

Take a picture of you playing outside.


Deep Dish Pizza Day

What is your favorite type of pizza?


Student Athlete Day

We want to see pictures of our current athletes and our future athletes.


World Health Organization Day

Let’s send out thanks to doctors and nurses in our community.


Draw a Bird Day

Post your best bird drawing.


Winston Churchill Day

Research Winston Churchill and post a fun fact or quote.


Farm Animal Day

What’s your favorite farm animal?  Post a picture and tell us why.


Submarine Day

Share something that you’ve learned about submarines.


Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day

Post a selfie of you eating a sandwich (doesn’t have to be grilled cheese).


Make Lunch Count Day

We want to see what you’re having for lunch.


Pecan Day

Post a picture of you acting “nutty.”


Banana Day

Wear something yellow today.


High Five Day

Let’s post our best “air high fives.”


Haiku Poetry Day

Find a fun haiku and post it for us all to read.


World Circus Day

If you could join a circus, what would you do?


Bicycle Day

Take a picture of your bike or the bike you wish you had.


Dictionary Day

Learn a new word today and share it with us.


Library Day

Give a shout out to your favorite Librarian and share why they are so special.


Earth Day

Help in the yard today and post a picture of what you did.


Movie Theater Day

What is your favorite movie?


Pigs in a Blanket Day

Post a picture of a pig or pigs in a blanket.


Dance Day

We want to see you dancing.


Pretzel Day

What is your favorite way to eat pretzels.


Babe Ruth Day

Share something you know about Babe Ruth.


Superhero Day

Let’s give a shout out to all our superheroes.


World Wish Day

Post your wish.


Bugs Bunny Day

What is your favorite Bugs Bunny cartoon?



Character Education -


Parkview Elementary Three B’s:  Be SafeBe RespectfulBe Responsible

School wide rules are taught to students by classroom teachers, the school social worker, and the school administration.  Students are rewarded with outstanding student certificates, behavior bucks, and bee tickets.  Weekly drawings are conducted with students who have received outstanding student certificates for students to win prizes and be recognized by their peers. Bee tickets are placed on the Bee Hive each day to highlight who has been “caught” beeing a great example of the Three B’s.


Word of the Week – 

We are beginning an exciting new program at Parkview called “Word of the Week.” We want our students to learn and use as many new words as they can, because that helps improve their reading, writing and communication abilities. Each week we will be learning about a word that describes a positive character trait.

Here’s how the program works: The new word is introduced at our Monday morning assembly by our Honor Patrol members. They talk about the meaning of the word and how to be an example of the word. Then, the word is discussed on the morning announcements each day. Our teachers also incorporate the word into their teaching. On Friday, each teacher chooses a student who has been an excellent example of the word all week and these students have their picture taken.

November 2015

Attitude – 11/16          Compassion – 11/30

December 2015

Generosity – 12/7          Patience – 12/14

January 2015

Motivation – 01/04          Courtesy – 1/11         Acceptance – 1/25          Determination – 1/25

February 2016

Leadership – 2/1  Tolerance – 2/8  Optimistic – 2/16  Reliable – 2/22  Perseverance – 2/29  Self-Control – 3/7

March 2016

Dependable – 3/14           


Outstanding Students –

Outstanding students are those students that have exemplified the 3B’s and exceeded the level of expectations in the classroom. Each week, these students who received an outstanding award from their teachers are recognized in the Monday Assembly. Their names are drawn and they spin the prize wheel. Prizes include: a call home from the Principal about their outstanding work, extra computer time, markers, behavior bucks, teacher’s choice (the teacher defines the reward) and reading morning announcements. Click here to see the current list of outstanding students.


Parkview Elementary Honor Patrol –

The Parkview Honor Patrol consists of 20 5th graders who perform important duties that help to keep our school safe and welcoming. The members are divided into two squads of 10 members each. Each squad is on duty for a week at a time. HP members work in pairs and rotate through their assigned duties.

Honor Patrol duties include:

  1. Crossing children and adults safely from the front parking lot to the front of the school. This duty is performed before and after school.

  2. Holding the front doors open for children and adults before and after school.

  3. Raising the United States flag and the Utah flag at the beginning of the school day, and lowering them at the end of the day.  All HP members are taught how to respectfully and correctly carry, fold and store the flags.

  4. Opening the Northeast doors of the school so that our teachers and other staff members can enter.

  5. Delivering our positive reward “Bee tickets” to teachers and staff members each morning so that they can be handed out on a daily basis.

  6. Holding the south doors of the school open so that our students who ride busses can enter safely.

  7. Monitoring the halls before and after school to make sure students are in the right places at the right times, and assisting teachers and students as needed.

Our HP members work very hard and have a lot of responsibilities. They must get up extra early to be at school to perform their duties in the morning and often stay after school to make sure they fulfill their responsibilities after school. We also want to acknowledge and thank the parents of our HP members who get their students to school early and wait patiently for them in the afternoon. We wouldn’t have a successful HP without our wonderful parents!

Each May, any 4th grader who is interested in being on HP must complete an application, have a recommendation from his or her teacher, and must be interviewed by the HP supervisor and the administrators. These prospective HP members must describe why they want to be on HP, and what characteristics they possess that make them a good choice for HP.


Behavior Bucks and the School Store – 

Parkview students can earn “Behavior Bucks” based on their behavior while at school. Teachers award these bucks and the kids save them to use in the school store. The school store stocks a variety of items including: pencils, notebooks, folders, band-aids, small toys and some nutritious snacks. Each class goes to the store every other month. The students really look forward to the days when they go to the school store.