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Why Science?

Many students believe science is limited to learning vocabulary terms, labeling pictures, and memorizing facts. Science by nature is much more than this. Have you ever wondered how or why something in nature happens? You might even ask questions about it. This is science. Science works best when it starts with curiosity and includes innovation. We learn science best when we apply it to our everyday lives.

Science Fair –

The SLCSD Science and Engineering Fair will be held on February 9-11, 2016 at the Salt Lake Center for Science Education. Project check-in for all projects will be Feb. 9 from 2:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Judging for elementary projects (grades 4-6) will be held on Feb. 10. Judging for middle and high school projects will be held on Feb. 11, with the award ceremony the same evening. 

4th Grade Presentations on 1/29/16
8:15 to 10:15 – Judging
10:15 to 11:15 – Walk through
11:30 – Awards Ceremony

2016 Salt Lake School District Science Fair Winners from Parkview Elementary

4th Grade

3rd Place – “Pollution”  Elexa Serrato, Nevaeh De la Cruz, Morningstar Hooper

2016 Science Fair Parkview Elementary Winners

4th Grade Winners **Going to District**

1st Place: “Lightning Shock” – Tanner Steah, Bryan Regalado-Rodriguez

2nd Place: “Power Plants” – Miguel Toledo, Tu’I Tonga, Ta’ani Folauhola

3rd Place: “Can Clouds Be Colorful” – Scarlett Chicas, Joanna Juarez, Mirykle Carrasco

4th Place: “Can Plants Grow” – Luis Rodarte, Sammy Camacho, Jada Chavez

Merit: “Pollution”  Elexa Serrato, Nevaeh De la Cruz, Morningstar Hooper

**Other awards – not going to district**

Honorable Mention: “Evaporation” – Angel Encina, Adan Hernandez Cortez, Francisco Silva

Most Enthusiastic: “Magic Petals” – Cintia Lopez, Sarah Hayes, Mying Lay

Best Procedure: “Temperature of Rain” – Michael Aullman, Ethan Casper

True Science: “Colored Rain” – Mariana Aguayo Ortiz, Shanten Dominguez, Samantha Jerz

5th Grade Winners **Going to District**

1st Place: “Fruit Batteries” – Ernesto Ramos

2nd Place: “Blood Pressure” – Leticia Ocampo, Alondra Cisneros, Hikari Medrano

3rd Place: “Mr. Pills” – Luis Alvarez, Diego Castaneda

4th Place: “The Cleaning of Pollution” – Jovanny Maldonado, Eryn Nevarez, Jonathan Maldonado

Merit: “Art Bot” – Cristian Ramirez, Jose Reyes

**Other awards – not going to district**

Honorable Mention: “Borax Crystals” – Patricia Miramontes, Perla Villegas, Elisa Bia

Scientific Integrity: “Brighter Light” – Ulices Jimenez

The Most Creative Project: “Art Bot” – Cristian Ramirez, Jose Reyes

Best Display Board: “Egg Geodes” – Ebony Lealao, Viola Palau, Viliami Tonga

Best Presentation: “Stethoscopes” – Karen Sanchez, Emma Gonzales, Destinee Ayon

The Most Scientific Knowledge: “Sweet Science” – Macut Morol, Rasim Crnica, Jeff Cortez