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Meals & Nutrition


Thanks to a last-minute waiver granted by the United States Department of Agriculture, the Salt Lake City School District (SLCSD) will once again resume "Grab and Go Meal Service" at 16 designated school sites. Children can receive a "Lunch Today, Breakfast Tomorrow" combo meal each weekday from Sept. 3, 2020 through Oct. 30, 2020 from 11-12 at Parkview Elementary.

To help ensure safety, all meals will be prepared, packaged and delivered by SLCSD staff directly to each family’s vehicle. For those without a vehicle, walk-up service is also available. Meals for those with specific needs will be made available upon request. Contact our registered dietician, Brianna Hardisty, to determine site location and make additional arrangements, as needed ( 

This food service program is open to the public. Free/reduced meal benefit status and school enrollment is not a requirement. These meals will be provided daily, free of charge, to ALL children ages 0-18. 

Parkview’s Cafeteria Manager: Karem Muro can be reached at or (801) 974 8304 ext.154 if you have any other questions.


To apply for free or reduced lunch, click here.