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2020 is all about checking out books through SORA!

Battle of the Books 2020-2021!

        4th and 5th graders you are eligible to participate in the the Battle of the Books competition this year on a team representing Parkview Elementary! In the fall Mrs. Furman will give you all the details, but in the meantime, below is the official 2021 poster. I challenge you to login to SORA and check out or reserve at least one of these books (Click HERE for instructions)! Can you read all 20?

BOB 2021



















Archived Lessons by Grade: check under your grade to see what you may have missed! It’s all good stuff! 





  • April 9: Please click the link below to watch this Mystery Science video (don’t forget to click though the bonus at the end!): How Do Bees Make Honey? ← click here!​Assignment: Sometimes the more we know about something, we find we want to know more! As you watch, make a list of all the questions you still have about bees! Have an adult or older sibling help you find the answers! Or, you can go to Utah’s Online Library to research (Gale Kids Infobits or World Book Online): To access the Utah's Online Library from home go to: FOR LOGIN INFORMATION ASK YOUR TEACHER OR MRS.FURMAN (

  • April 16: Please go to: Here you will find 5 lessons- one for every day of this week if you choose! I am asking that you pick at least one day’s lesson to complete. This will include reading engaging articles and doing related activities.​

  • April 30: Dav Pilkey, author of ‘Captain Underpants” and “Dog Man” has put together a fun learn-from-home site that incorporates activities, themes, and characters from his popular books.Today I’d like you to check out “Week 1” of his 8 week plans for kids! If you like it, feel free to continue through all the weeks! Let me know what you think: Click here

  • May 7: Please watch this short video about the difference between fact and opinion! ​

  • May 19:


  • April 14: 4th- Please go to: ​. Here you will find 5 lessons- one for every day of this week if you choose! I am asking that you pick at least one day’s lesson to complete. This will include reading engaging articles and doing related activities. ​

  • April 28: My talented 4th graders- do you remember that we were working on animal adaptations infographics? If you are interested in continuing this project, you may do so from home. Remember to click “share” and enter my email address to share your final project ( I’d love to display your outstanding work! 1.) go to and login (remember your username is your email and your password was initials+lunchnumber). The infographic you started should be under the “your designs” heading. If you need assistance with this, you can chat me on TEAMS or send me an email If we need to we can change your password. 2.) Next, include the following information in your infographic: Title (includes animal name), your name, at least 1 physical adaptation (how an animal looks to help it survive), at least 1 behavioral adaptation (how an animal behaves to help it to survive), and 2 additional interesting facts about your animal. Remember than an infographic is organized in a way that the reader can access information quickly. Headings and images are important and should be appropriate for what you are communicating. You can use the information from the paper you wrote on canvas if you’ve forgotten the information! Remember the login for canvas is in student applications. 3.) Don’t forget to share it with me (! The “share” button is on the upper right hand corner. Can’t wait to see your creations! 

  • May 5:  “It's a beautiful day today!” Was that statement a fact or an opinion? Watch this 5 minute Moby lesson on identifying fact vs. opinion...a very important skill if you want to be an informed consumer of information! . What are the key words that indicate opinion? Miss you! :)



Celebrate Earth Week April 20-24:

Choose activities from this menu and be inspired to celebrate our beautiful and unique planet!



March 31, 2020


As we are shifting into the world of online learning for the time being, I would like to continue to provide Library classes for my students. I encourage you to stop by this site weekly for grade-level lessons from your Librarian Mrs. Furman! Classes start the week of April 6th. If you need to contact me, I check my email frequently ( and will have office hours from 1:30-2:30 pm M-F. Stay in touch! Tell me what you’re reading and how I can help! Take good care and I hope to see you again soon!

  • Parents, check out this curated list of resources for learning at home!

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