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3 Year Olds:

4 Year Olds:



Three year old digital classes will be...

Monday and Tuesday      or      Thursday and Friday

Time Subject
8:30-8:55 3 Year old Circle Time ( online using Zoom link) 
9:00-9:20 Small group with teacher, group A    (Zoom)
9:25-9:45 Small group with teacher, group B   (Zoom)
9:50-10:10 Small group with teacher, group C   (Zoom)
On own time Independent Learning Assignments in Canvas and "Play Ideas"


Four year old digital classes will be...

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

Time Subject
11:00-11:25 4 Year old Circle Time ( online using Zoom link) 
11:30-11:50 Small group with teacher, group A    (Zoom)
11:55-12:15 Small group with teacher, group B   (Zoom)
12:20-12:40 Small group with teacher, group C   (Zoom)
On own time Independent Learning Assignments in Canvas and "Play Ideas"


Daily Schedule In-Person Class (3 hour)

When students arrive to class, first they put their jackets in their cubbie and wash their hands. Then they get their name tag to sign in and go to play. 

Time Subject
8:00 - 8:15 Arrival
8:15 - 9:00 Purposeful Play
9:00 - 9:15 Welcome Circle
9:15 - 9:45 Outdoor Play
9:45 - 10:00 Tasting Time
10:00 - 10:15 Read Aloud
10:15 - 10:30 Skills Groups
10:30 - 10:45 Music and Movement
10:45 -11:00 Closing Circle







Here is Katie and my last language group For the year.  I hope you all have a happy and safe summer.

I Know a Wee Piggy

I Know a Wee Piggy

Ms.  Collette 




Happy Thursday!

Asking open-ended questions is a great way to expand your child's thinking.  When they ask you a question, instead of answering it, you can ask them what they think may be going on.  Here is an example....


Child: Why do bugs have legs?

Parent:  Hmm, I wonder what they use those legs for?

Child: The bugs look like they are moving.

Parent:  What do you use your legs for?

Child: I walk with my legs, bugs walk too!


Here is a book with lots of questions to ponder!


Stay Safe,

Emily Gill




Do you ever get overwhelmed figuring out what materials to use when working on Speech Therapy with your child.    Take heart that almost anything you have

in your house will work.   Watch this SLP talk about how many ways you can encourage language with a roll of tape.

Stay Safe!

Ms.  Collette




Happy Tuesday,

Here is Katie again with a great language group about a Rooster who wants to see the world.

Rooster's Off to See the World Language Group

Rooster's Off to See the World Language Group

Stay Safe!

Ms.  Collette



Happy Monday,

In the classroom we talk a lot about feelings.  We label our own feeling and label what the children may be feeling.  One of the feelings that we talk about is surprised.   Here is a little book about how it can be so fun to feel surprised!

Stay Safe,

Emily Gill



Thank you to all the families who came to packet pick-up day last week!  I was great to see you!

The Thank You Book!



Who doesn't like to play with baby dolls.    Here's some tips for you to play and talk all about babies.

Can you make the baby talk? - YouTube

This video is about My Movie 4. 1 HR cafe sounds, coffee shop background audio, background white noise for studying or at the office - Duration: 1:00:26. Relaxing Ambiance TV Recommended for you


Our special Education Director along with the Utah Parent Center is also hosting a Zoom Q and A tonight from 7:00-8:00.  Please see attached flyer for more details

Stay Safe

Ms.  Collette



Happy Tuesday!    Watch out for the Icky Sticky Frog.   Can you tell me where he is hiding.  Maybe on the rock or in the water.     Watch and find out what happens to that sneaky frog.

The Icky Sticky Frog


Stay safe!

Ms.  Collette




Happy Monday!

Today we will be doing a car parade!  If you do not live in the area, feel free to join us near the school!

It's okay to be different!

Stay Safe,

Ms Emily




Hi Families,

We are at Parkview passing out packet of homework today until 2:30.  Please come and pick up your child's work!  

Here is a video of one of my favorite books!


Press Here

See you soon!

Emily Gill



Hi parents,

Remember that we have individualized packets available for pick up tomorrow, Thursday May 7th from 8:00-2:30.  Please come get your child's packet!  Each packet is individualized to support your child's goals and there are also toys and activities.  Our graduating students will receive some special items.   See you then!


Kids love to play with cars.  Here are some tips to help them use their language while doing it!

Cars are great to get your child to talk

Stay safe

Ms.  Collette




Hi friends,

Sing along with me about five speckled frogs.

"Five Green and Speckled Frogs" Language Group - YouTube

This video is about My Movie 3. Baby Shark Song | Wheels on the bus + More Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs by Little Treehouse Little Treehouse Nursery Rhymes and Kids Songs 2,026 watching Live now

Stay safe

Ms.  Collette




Happy Monday!

Here is a quick and easy recipe for slime!  There will also be a bit of slime in everyone's packet that will be ready for pick up on Thursday from 8:00am to 2:30.  See you then!

Making slime

Slime recipe 1cup water divided into two half cups 1/2 cup glue 1/4 tsp borax Optional food coloring and glitter




Happy Friday!

On Thursday, May 7th from 8-2:30 we will be giving out homework packets at Parkview.  These packets include homework to support your child's individual goals as well as fun summer toys and activities.  Please come to pick them up!  I will be at school all day, passing them out and available for any questions you may have.  If you need to make alternative arrangements to get your child's packet, please contact me.  

Here is Miss Cassie and Miss Ashley singing some of your child's favorite songs!

See you soon,

Emily Gill



The weathers been so nice.  Outside time is a great time to help you child talk!  Everyone loves bubbles!  One of the best motivators around


Stay safe.

Ms. Collette

Using bubbles to get more language



Happy Wednesday!

In the classroom we spend a lot of time writing, but we don't just writing on paper with crayons, we write and draw on everything!  As children develop their fine motor skills, such as writing, they start with large movements and gradually refine those movements.  For example, before a child can write their name, they will scribble large loopy designs.  Help your child write by giving them lots of different surfaces to write on and different tools to write with.  Use chalk on the side walk, or tape a large piece of paper to the wall.  Let them make big letters and shapes before you have them practice writing small letters.  Here is an activity you can do with your child for hours of fun... and don't worry the paint will wash off in the rain

Making sidewalk paint

Here's a recipe for some outside fun!



Happy Tuesday!  I hope you enjoy all the trouble these sheep get into.

Sheep in a sheep

Stay safe, Ms.  Collette



Happy Monday!

We have all been spending a lot of time with our families.  Let's take time to celebrate our special families.  Ask your child to draw a picture of your family.  Label the family members and ask your child what makes each member of your family special.

Love Makes a Family ♥️

Families come in all shapes and sizes! What makes yours special?

From my family to yours!

Ms Emily




Happy Thursday,

In the classroom we talk a lot about our feelings.  As teachers, we label what we are feeling, such as "I am so excited to see you!" or, "I feel frustrated when my puzzle will not go together."  This gives the children an example of what the feeling might look like and teaches them the word to express what they feel inside.  We are careful to to label the feelings as positive or negative, but rather as feelings that feel good to our bodies (happy, excited, silly) and feelings that do not feel good in our bodies (mad, sad, scared.)  We also talk a lot about how feelings change.  Our big mad feeling can get smaller and eventually we may feel happy again.  In this video, I will model talking about feelings.

Feelings, Let's check in with our bodies and see how we feel

Staying home can feel frustrating, let's practice calming down our bodies and being brave to try new things.




Happy Wednesday!    Who doesn't like a little play doh.  As you play with yours here's some tips to making it a fun language activity


increasing communication with play-doh

Stay Safe

Ms Collette


I hope you enjoy today's Language Group.   At the end I play a fun game hiding the bear.   Games like this one is a great way to work on direction words like in, on, under, in front and behind.  What can you find in your house to play this game with?


This video is about IMG_0065



Happy Monday!
I know that it can be hard to make your preschool child listen to you, it can seem like half of the words they say is, "No!"  Things are no different in the classroom, young children love to asset their independence by saying no.  This is an important stage in development, they are growing up and can express their independence by making choices and showing their preferences.  However, they still need to learn to listen to adults.  Following directions is a very important skill.  In the classroom, we use precision requests to help them learn to follow directions.  Precision requests are specific verbal directions that follow a specific sequence.  If you use this format of making a request of a child regularly, magical things happen!  Children learn that they have to listen to you no matter what.  They gradually learn to listen the first time, because they know that you will make them follow the direction.   In the sequence it says to wait 10 seconds, this is to give the child time to process the request, you may repeat the request one more time during this wait time, but do not nag during this time.
Here is the sequence...

Precision Requests

  1. State the request
    • “Sarah, I need you to clean up your toys.”
      • Wait 10 seconds
        • Compliance: Celebrate!
          1. “Thank you for cleaning up your toys!  You are being so responsible!!!”
        • Non-compliance: move on to step 2
  2. State the request with signal word
    • “Sarah, I need you to clean up your toys NOW.”
      • Wait 10 seconds
        • Compliance: Celebrate!
          1. “Thank you for cleaning up your toys!  You are being so responsible!!!”
        • Non-compliance: move on to step 3
  3. State the request with choices
    • “Sarah, will you clean up your trains first or your cars?”
      • Wait 10 seconds
        • Compliance: Celebrate!
          1. “Thank you for cleaning up your toys!  You are being so responsible!!!”
        • Non-compliance: move on to step 4
  4. State the request with consequences
    • “Sarah, you need to clean up your toys, or I will help you.”
      • Wait 10 seconds
        • Compliance: Celebrate!
          1. “Thank you for cleaning up your toys!  You are being so responsible!!!”
        • Non-compliance: follow through with consequence
          • Help child clean up using hand-over-hand or other consequence
Happy Teaching!
Emily Gill


Happy Friday!

Our district has been working with Zoom, the video conferencing platform, to make sure it is safe.  I am happy to announce that it is now up and ready for us to use with students.  If you would like to arrange a video chat with Collette or myself, please email me!  I miss seeing everyone's face and would love the chance to chat and work on goals.

Enjoy the sunshine!

Ms. Emily



Hi Everyone,

I know that it can be hard to get your child to sit down and read with you for 30 minutes a day, but here are some tips and suggestions to make it more fun…

  1. Let your child pick the book (yes, even the one that you have read 1000 times. )
  2. Encourage your child to ‘read’ to you
  3. Make a special reading spot in your home, keep it cozy, maybe even make a tent or fort
  4. Make the room dark and read with a flashlight
  5. Read your favorite book in silly voices
  6. Write your own stories to read together
  7. Find books with interactive elements, such as lift the flap books
  8. Act out the story with movements
  9. Schedule reading time into each day
  10. Know when to stop and give your child a break

Remember you do not have to read for 30 minutes straight, you can break it up through out the day! :)





Research shows one of the best ways to increase your child's words is to read, read, read.   Don't worry about all the words on the pages.  Have fun with the book.  Watch how Jimmy Fallon does it.  He's demonstrating "how to" read with them.  Look at each picture. Talk about it.  Label pictures, Label actions. Label colors.  Ask simple questions.  It's takes some practice but you can do it!     

Collette Richards

Speech Pathologist

Jimmy Fallon Reads Everything Is Mama

Jimmy Fallon hosts an interactive story time for kids of all ages as he reads aloud his children's book "Everything Is Mama." Subscribe NOW to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: Watch The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Weeknights 11:35/10:35c Get more Jimmy Fallon: Follow Jimmy: Like ...




Hi Everyone,

I hope enjoy this story about one unlucky farmer whose bed gets taken over by his farm animals.   Keep smiling and talking to your little ones!!

“A Cold Wet Night” Language Group

“A Cold Wet Night” Language Group

Stay Safe,

Ms. Collette




Happy Monday!

I know that some of you may be struggling to keep your child calm and engaged, think we are all going a little stir crazy.  In the classroom, when a student needs a chance to refocus their energy, we give them a sensory activity.  Sensory activities can be anything from playing in a box of dried beans to finger painting with pudding or even digging a hole in dirt.  It is amazing how long a preschool child can play in a sand box or with shaving cream.  While the activities can be messy, you can always play in the bathtub, then rinse them off when they are done playing.  Here is a YouTube Video I made of a super simple sensory activity that you can make together.

Making Soap Foam: a sensory activity

Ingredients: 1/4 cup water 2 tbsp dish soap Food coloring

This recipe for Soap foam is just ¼ cup of water, 2 tablespoons dish soap and a few drops of food coloring.  Whip the ingredients together until you get a still foam (similar texture to shaving cream.)  Now you have hours of clean fun.  You can squish it, squeeze it and practice writing in it.  If you feel ambitious, you can make a rainbow of colors and explore combining colors to make new ones!

Have Fun!

Ms. Emily




Happy Friday!

Our classroom curriculum is Creative Curriculum and they have made a series of lessons to support learning at home during this dismissal.  They include learning activities for children from birth to kindergarten as well as ways to talk to your child about staying healthy and emotional well being.  They have different activities for each week, so keep checking in and having fun.

Healthy at Home: A Toolkit for Supporting Families Impacted by COVID-19

Healthy at Home: A Toolkit for Supporting Families Impacted by COVID-19. With the growing impact of the COVID-19 virus, ReadyRosie is developing this free toolkit as a resource to support families with information and resources for supporting the children in their care.

Enjoy the sunshine!

Ms. Emily




Hello Families,

I'm sure that we are all doing a lot of cooking these days, and cooking with your child is a great way to work on literacy skills (reading the recipe,) math skills (measuring and counting,) communication skills ("What do you think is happening?",) and so many other areas of development.  I have made a video of a really easy pita bread recipe.

Cooking Together: Let's Make Pita Bread

Look for the recipe in the comments section

I hope you have fun spending time together in the kitchen!

Ms. Emily

Pita Bread


  • 1 cup water
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • 2 ¾ c all purpose flour
  • 1 ½ teaspoon salt
  • 1 teaspoon  sugar
  • 1 teaspoon yeast


Mix together your ingredients

  1. Measure the flour into a bowl. Add the salt, sugar and yeast into different corners of the bowl.
  2. Pour the water and oil into the bowl a little at a time. Use a spoon (or your hands) to mix until all the flour comes away from the side and you have a soft dough. You might not need to add all the water – you want the dough to be soft, not sticky.

Kneed your dough

  1. Put a little oil on your work surface to stop the dough sticking. Put the dough on top and start kneading. You’ll need to do it for 5-10 minutes until it looks smooth.  Once you’re done, place it in a clean bowl, cover it with cling film and leave it somewhere warm until it has doubled in size.

Preheat the oven to 475F and place a baking tray or baking stone on the middle shelf.

Make the pita breads

  1. Once the dough has doubled in size, pour it out on to a lightly floured work surface and knock it back (fold it inwards again and again until the air has gone – or just get your preschooler to man handle it!)
  2. Split the dough into 6 equal sized balls then roll each into a ¼ inch thick oval shape. Remove the baking tray from the oven, sprinkle with flour and place the pita breads on it.
  3. Bake for 5-10 minutes. They’re ready when they’ve started to brown – They may puff up into nice big pockets





HI Parents,

Here is a short video for you to watch about tips you can do as a parent to help your child communicate better.  I'll be sending out some video examples of these tips starting next wed. 

Speech Therapy for Toddlers: 5 Great Tips! - Five effective speech therapy for tips for toddlers from Kimberly Scanlon, licensed speech pathologist and author of My Toddler Talks and Learning to Read is a Ball (both available at This video is perfect for parents of late talkers or language delayed children. Visit ...




Hi Families,

I have added a play list of some of our favorite classroom songs to our YouTube page, here is the link...

Favorite PK songs - YouTube

Hi parents,

 Every Tues Emily will be sending out a video of my language groups just like I would have if we were in class.  If you have any questions or want specific advice for your own child for me feel free to contact me at (801)419-5357.  

Before the school closure the students and I had fun giving a bath to Mrs Wishy Washy ‘s animals.  They got really good and saying wishy washy over and over.  When washing your child’s hands or in the bath practice saying Wishy Washy over and over.

Language group “ Mrs Wishy Washy”

Language group “ Mrs Wishy Washy”

Happy Tuesday!

Ms Collette



Happy Monday!

I hope everyone got a chance to enjoy the sunshine over the weekend!  I keep hearing from families that their child is begging to go back to school, and that all this time at home can be hard (I am right there with them.)  To help you talk to your children about why we all have to stay home, I made this video about germs.  We have read this book many times in the classroom, so they should be familiar with it.   After watching the video, please help your child practice correctly washing their hands.  All of this virus talk can be scary for little ones and teaching them how to keep themselves safe is empowering.

Scrub a dub dub, Ms Emily 



Happy Friday Everyone!

Here are two videos featuring Elephant and Piggie by Mo Willems.  Have you child first watch the book video and then have them try the drawing Piggie video.  I love the drawing Piggie video because it talks about shapes, numbers and works on following directions. 


Draw Piggie:



Playdough is so important for young children to play with!  It helps build fine motor skills, enhances hand-eye coordination, encourages creativity, is calming, and so much more!  Here is a recipe so you can make it at home!

Homemade Playdough


  • 1 cup flour
  • 1 cup water
  • 2 tsp cream of tarter
  • 1/3 cup salt
  • 1 TBS vegetable oil
  • food coloring


  1. Heat water sand salt together until boiling, in a medium saucepan.
  2. Add in all the other ingredients.
  3. Cook over low/medium heat, stirring.
  4. Continue stirring until the mixture is much thicker and begins to gather around the spoon.
  5. Once the dough is not wet, remove and put onto wax paper or a plate to cool.
  6. After cooling (30 minutes) knead play dough for a few seconds, then Play!
  7. Store in an airtight container in the fridge!





We made a class YouTube Channel.  Check out our videos to support learning at home!


Here are 30 days for preschool fun!

Daily Activities for Preschool

Day 1

Color Hunt: search for red items in your house, count how many red items you can find.  Try it with other colors


Day 2

Musical Pattern: make a pattern using your body.  Stomp, Clap, Stomp

Day 3

Sock Sort:  Sort all the socks by color and then find the matching sock

Day 4

Letter Search:  Look for the first letter of your name on your favorite food box and circle each letter you find


Day 5

Go on a nature walk.  Bring a bag to collect treasures, then write a story about where you found them

Day 6

Fruit and Veggie Sorting: sort food by size, color and shape

Day 7

Build a fort using pillows, blankets, and furniture.  Read a favorite book in your new hiding place.

Day 8

Play catch with your family.  Throw a ball, sock, or soft toy to each other.  Practice throwing overhand and underhand.

Day 9

Shape search: look around the house for shapes in the environment.  What shape is the table?  What shape is the window?

Day 10

Celebrate the number 10!  Do 10 big jumps, eat 10 pieces of your favorite food, look for 10s in books

Day 11

Dig a hole: find a safe place to dig in the dirt.  How deep can you make your hole?

Day 12

Bug Safari: Go on a walk outside.  Take pictures of the bugs you see.  When you get home, try to draw those bugs.

Day 13

Make a face:  Practice showing different feelings with your body.  Have a parent guess what you are feeling 

Day 14

Sink or float:  Fill a bucket or the sink up with water.  Place different objects in the water.  Do they float or sink?  Why do they do that?

Day 15

Name writing: place some flour on a baking pan, have your child practice writing their name with their finger

Day 16

Make animal noises:  practice making your favorite animal noises.  What does a horse sound like?  What does a seal say?

Day 17

Tupperware Sort:  Match all the lids to the containers, then use the containers as drums

Day 18

Family Portrait:  Draw a picture of your family.  Add lots of details like clothes and pets

Day 19

Flashlight Hide and Seek:  turn off all the lights and look for circles, squares and triangles you can find with a flashlight in your house

Day 20

Celebrate the number 20!  Count to 20 in different voices, see what household items you have 20 of, twirl around 20 times. 

Day 21

Make a fruit salad:  very carefully use a plastic knife to cut up your favorite fruit into tiny pieces.  Mix them together and Enjoy!

Day 22

Letter Yoga:  Make the letters in your name using your body.  How will you curve your body to make each letter?

Day 23

Paint with Water:  take paint brushes or sponges outside.  Draw a picture on the ground with water.

Day 24

Silly Dance:  Make up a new dance move, teach it to your family.

Day 25

Make a necklace:  use cereal or dried pasta as beads.  Try making a pattern.

Day 26

What is missing: set up 5 items on a tray, take one away and guess which one is missing

Day 27

Scrub the floor: Help your families clean.  Reach and crawl into small spots to clean.

Day 28

Play dress-up:  dress in your parents’ clothes.  What can you pretend to be?

Day 29

Have a teddy bear picnic:  eat your lunch outside on a blanket.   Bring your favorite stuffed toy to join.

Day 30

Dance Party:  Put on your favorite music and dance, dance, dance!

*Remember to read to your child each day for 30 minutes.  Ask them lots of open-ended questions about the stories you read together .



Here is a quick update on the breakfast and lunch program…


  • Starting on Monday, we will have a change to our Meals for Students program.
  • We will no longer serve breakfast from 8:30-9:30am every day. Instead, we will serve combo meals every day from 11:30am-12:30pm. We will continue to serve meals every weekday, Monday to Friday, even during Spring Break.
  • Each combo meal will include a sack lunch to eat today, and a sack breakfast to refrigerate and eat tomorrow. 
  • Depending on demand, sites may remain open longer if families are still in line after 12:30pm.
  • Please note that we will NOT serve breakfast on Monday morning as we shift to this new format. We apologize for any disruption this may cause.


Happy Friday!

We made it through the week!  The school district is offering breakfast and lunch during the dismissal and throughout Spring Break.  Any child under 18 years old can grab a meal.  You can go to any school, here is a list of schools...


  • We will continue to provide “grab and go” meals for students on Friday, March 20, and over Spring Break (March 23-27)
  • Breakfast will be served from 8:30-9:30am and lunch from 11:30am-12:30pm at the following locations:

Backman Elementary (South Parking Area – Enter from 1500 West)
601 North 1500 West, Salt Lake City, Utah

Bryant Middle School (East Driveway – Enter from 800 East)
40 South 800 East, Salt Lake City, Utah

Clayton Middle School (South Driveway – Enter from 1900 East)
1470 South 1900 East, Salt Lake City, Utah

East High School (West Parking Area – Enter from 900 South)
840 South 1300 East, Salt Lake City, Utah

Edison Elementary (U-shaped Driveway – Located in front of school)
430 South Cheyenne Street, Salt Lake City, Utah

Escalante Elementary (West Parking Area - Enter from 900 North)
1810 West 900 North, Salt Lake City, Utah

Franklin Elementary (Southeast Parking Area – Located at back of school)
1115 West 300 South, Salt Lake City, Utah

Glendale Middle School (Northwest Parking Area)
1430 West Andrew Avenue, Salt Lake City, Utah

Highland High School (East Parking Area – Located next to main entrance)
2166 South 1700 East, Salt Lake City, Utah

Liberty Elementary (Southeast Parking Area)
1085 South 300 East, Salt Lake City, Utah

Mary W. Jackson Elementary (Northwest Parking Area – Enter from 800 West)
750 West 200 North, Salt Lake City, Utah

Meadowlark Elementary (Northeast Parking Area)
497 North Morton Drive, Salt Lake City, Utah

Nibley Park School (West Parking – Located next to main entrance)
2785 South 800 East, Salt Lake City, Utah

North Star Elementary (South Parking Area – Located next to South entrance)
1545 North Morton Drive, Salt Lake City, Utah

Parkview Elementary (Northwest Parking Area)
970 South Emery Street, Salt Lake City, Utah

Riley Elementary (South Parking Area)
1410 South 800 West, Salt Lake City, Utah

Rose Park Elementary (West Parking Area – Located next to main entrance)
1105 West 1000 North, Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake Center for Science Education (East Driveway / Parking Area)
1400 West Goodwin Avenue, Salt Lake City, Utah

West High School (U-shaped Driveway – Located North of building next to cafeteria entrance)
241 North 300 West, Salt Lake City, Utah

Whittier Elementary (North Parking Area – Enter from Roberta Street)
1600 South 300 East, Salt Lake City, Utah

Have a happy spring break next week!

Ms. Emily



Hello Everyone,

I hope today is much calmer for you than yesterday!   Here is a social story about COVID19 for preschoolers.  It can be very hard to explain everything that is going on to our young children, but I think this story does a good job.  Our kids are so aware, but may not have the vocabulary to ask needed questions.  This story has enough pictures that your child can 'read' it to themselves after you read it together.  

Please reach out with any questions or suggestions that you may have

Stay Safe,

Ms. Emily




Wow!  What a morning!  I hope everyone is safe!  This can be a very scary time.  Talking to your child about what to do to stay safe will help ease their fears.  Here is a short youtube video that I found… .  Here is a link for another earthquake story.  It is about a more severe earthquake so please read it yourself and decide if it will help your child,

I will continue to check my email,  Please reach out if you need anything.

Ms. Emily




Hello Parents and Families,

As you know, school has been dismissed for the next two weeks.  We have learning packets for each of your children, please call to schedule a pick up time.  If you have any questions about how to support your child's learning, please email Collette our Speech Therapist ( or myself (  We will have a digital office hour from noon to 1:00 Monday through Friday (except during spring break March 23-27.)  


Thank you and stay healthy!

Emily Gill

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