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Functional Skills

Class Description

A multidisciplinary team has determined that the students served in this classroom would have their needs best met by placement in a class for students with disabilities.  Each student’s program is determined by his/her Individualized Education Program (IEP).

Goals and Objectives: Each student’s IEP focuses on individual skills for the year.  The curriculum in this classroom was chosen to promote the development of these skills:

  • Communication: Increase use of spontaneous language, syntax, vocabulary, articulation, social speech, use of environmental supports and augmentative instructional materials to facilitate language acquisition and use, environmental predictability and modifications in adult-child interactions to develop social/communication interactions, social-communicative competence in natural settings.

  • Behavioral and Social: Develop self-control, develop peer interactions and relationships, develop and expand play themes, follow directions, express feelings, develop independence, self-help skills including eating and toileting, participate in school-wide community to experience appropriate modeling, socialization, and social behavior.

  • Pre-Reading/Reading: Matching, sorting, color/shape identification, letter and sound recognition, sound blending, sight words.

  • Pre-Math/Math: Matching, sequencing, shape identification, patterns, number recognition, rote counting, and symbol identification.

  • Basic Science Concepts: Animals, habitats, weather, insects, etc.

  • Sensory Motor/Motor: Fine motor, hand strength and dexterity, sensory integration, pre-writing, writing, coloring, pasting, cutting, gross motor locomotion, body awareness, balance, exercise to increase strength and aerobic capacity.

  • Functional Living Skills: Toileting, eating, dressing, washing hands, brushing teeth, etc.