About Our School

Facts about Parkview

  • Teachers meet weekly in team data meetings with their colleagues and administrators in an effort to improve instruction and academic progress for all students.

  • Our school implements school rules based on the three Be’s: Be Safe, Be Respectful, and Be Responsible.

  • The staff at Parkview supports rewarding students for appropriate behavior, student responsibility, and academic progress. Our school-wide behavior program provides many opportunities for students to be recognized for behavior by earning outstanding certificates, B tickets, and behavior bucks.

  • Our school has a Beverly Sorensen Taylor Grant for dance.

  • Offer Pre-K classes, special education preschool, and essential elements classes in addition to traditional classes.

  • Serve students pre-kindergarten through fifth grade.

  • General music for 3rd and 4th ​grade students; band, orchestra, or choir for 5th grade.

  • 4th and 5th receive weekly phenomenon based science instruction using the 5E model of instruction.

  • Feeder school: Glendale Middle School.

  • Student population is rich in ethnic and cultural diversity.

  • Daily forty-five minute English Language Development kindergarten through fifth.

Parkview Highlights

  • Daily after-school program.

  • University of Utah Lowell Bennion center UtahReads tutors partnership

  • Weekly assemblies to highlight and celebrate student and staff success within the building

  • Curriculum used school-wide: McGraw Hill Wonders reading program, Great Minds- Eureka Math, and EL Achieve Explicit Language Curriculum for English Language Development.

  • Early Steps and Next Steps reading intervention programs.

  • All teachers either have English as a Second Language (ESL) Endorsement or are currently working on it.

  • We have a community partnership with Discover.

  • We will be partnering with the Utah Mobile Food Pantry this year.


EEP Goals

This school year, all SLC schools are asked to write Excellence in Equity Plan goals. We have three goals the teachers have put together to focus on as a school until January. In January, we will report on our progress toward those goals and write three new goals to work on for the rest of the school year. On top of the three school goals, each grade level team or department within the school has been asked to write two goals that align with our four school vision statements and three school goals.

Semester 1 school goals:

Whole School Academic Need:

We will increase math fact automaticity (based on the Utah State Core fluency standards) in all grades so 50% or more of our students are proficient with math facts by the end of the first semester. This will be measured by monthly grade-level standard-based fluency assessments given by classroom teachers. All data will be compiled into a spreadsheet format by January 25.


Whole School Achievement Gap:

We will increase reading comprehension of all types of text for our identified struggling students. We will use fluency as a measure for K-2 as it directly impacts students ability to comprehend at the older grade levels. In grades K-2 this will be measured by DIBELS with 50% of students reaching benchmark (composite score) on the mid-year assessment. For grades 3-5, 50% of students will be proficient as measured by DAZE (mid-year benchmark), SRI (grade level Lexile range), or reading comprehension questions from interim data (76% correct on comprehension standards) by January 25.


Whole School Culture Need:

We will create a needs assessment to see how we can connect to the community to take a baseline for family involvement. This assessment will be handed out at SEPs and at the food bank nights to obtain parent feedback. We will use the data collected to create a goal for January through June. We will have monthly opportunities in every grade level for parents to attend a parent activity (measured by invitations sent out to parents and a school wide goal of 30%+ attendance each month). At each monthly event, all grade levels will provide every parent a predetermined handout and explanation of the importance of pre-K instruction, how to sign up for pre-K, and other resources available to them to support literacy and math before their child begins kindergarten.

Parkview Elementary School's staff is committed to providing a positive and welcoming school community where everyone feels they are valued members of the team. School administration, teachers, support staff, parents, and students are united in a collaborative effort to help all students at Parkview succeed and reach high levels of student achievement. We are proud to be Parkview Panthers!

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